Achieving Project and Life-Cycle Success with Enterprise Software

Minimize risk and dissatisfaction while accelerating time to value realization from your business systems investment”

Transformational project success is difficult, elusive and costly. Planning, mobilization, data readiness, testing, training and supporting traditional ERP/CRM projects are risky while running day to day, month to month operations. Your stakeholders, your data and most importantly, your Leadership, needs to be ready and equipped for success.

CumulusERP is a change management consultancy working with client teams to improve time to value realization and scale in ERP and CRM investments. With several years of success guiding NetSuite and Salesforce implementations and transformations, we help our clients implement, optimize and scale packaged software solutions.

“Successful Implementations, Process Change and Organizational Alignment”


Who We Are: CumulusERP, LLC is a technology services company specializing in cloud-based business management software for Accounting, CRM, CMS and Distribution. With over 30 years of experience rooted in accounting, sales management and information technology, CumulusERP is uniquely qualified to develop the effective strategies needed for its customers’ business information systems.


Achieving Success
Addressing the investment risk associated with process and system change

  • We guide your team, providing strategies and visibility to define, measure, and minimize project and return risk
  • Our clear direct approach to identifying risk is the foundation to implementing a strategy to assure that your project stays on track and operational gains are realized
  • We evaluate your team and any partner’s readiness to deliver on change
  • We will dive into your objectives and requirements to ensure that the investment made is the right investment
  • We will coordinate and navigate with partners, solutions providers and any additional resources required for success on your behalf

If you are already invested in enterprise change but not seeing the results you expected

  • We will quickly and efficiently conduct a root cause analysis to identify the blockers
  • Develop tactics to remediate the issues that are holding your team back
  • Work with your leaders to implement the required changes
  • Put into place measurement and transparency tools to assure progress and continued success
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Discovery/ Assessment

Our approach is holistic and our goal is to understand the complete innerworkings of your business operations in order to understand your challenges and identify opportunities. We will evaluate you plans and current initiatives against your goals and current capacities for change, providing recommendations and actionable feedback

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We leverage decades of experience working as business leaders to formulate the effective success plans that incorporate people, vendors, data, processes and communications needed to transform but in the most challenging circumstances

Cumulus Services


Refining and advancing your requirements to best in class solution providers of software and services to simply and effectively evaluate options, establish budgets, and negotiate contracts

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Program Management

Execution, transparency, and assurance are the building blocks to a successful enterprise transition. Change management is often lost in technical details, teams become unaligned, targets are missed and timelines are reset resulting greater costs. As experienced program leaders, we guide our clients through the planning, preparation, communication, team mobilization and execution required to deliver change on time and on budget.

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Advisory and PE Consultation

System and data evaluation can be highly impactful to realizing an investment’s potential. With more than a decade’s worth of PE transaction history, evaluating, integrating and transforming investor backed organizations, we have the insight and skill to provide clarity and direction for private equity firms evaluating acquisitions.

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